GERMAN ERSATZ BAYONET (new édition 2019)

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65,00 €

This book presents the german ersatz bayonets used during the first world war whose diversity of the models still bring today an attraction for the collectors and an endless field or researches. In these 256 pages more than 300 bayonets and their accessories, scabbards, troddeln and faustrimen, will be displayed illustrated by more than 800 color photos and more than 200 period photos most of them having never been published before. These weapons are mostly war trophies brought back by the soldiers during leaves or found and picked up on the field. Forgotten in attics or ceilings, worn by the time, abandoned and left to the rust, these pieces are the witnesses of these terrible times.  Almost one century flied. These now quite harmless bayonets definitely entered in history. This book is also a way to pay homage to the combatants from all countries felt on the battlefields. 

The English version of my book in French on German Ersatz bayonets is available for sale. The price is 60 € $70. Payments will be possible via the payment BIC / IBAN or Paypal. The book will contain the same number of pages, but some contemporary photos of the French edition have been replaced by new photographs of high quality. The English version also contains some new information. Collectors interested can order me a copy simply by e-mail. At first, the English edition is limited to 50 copies one. Available beginning January 2020